Food And It’s Many Functions

Welcome to my first ever blog post!

Good food has been my life focus and what inspired my career as a farmer, chef and food activist. As a child I was always helping my mom smash cabbage in a crock pot to make sauerkraut or picking weeds in the garden when I was a little shit (which was often). I felt a value that came from walking in the garden barefoot or seeing the results of my moms amazing efforts to be food sovereign for her family. Looking back I was so damn spoiled and didn’t even know how good I had it, talk about privilege.

Today I see so much value in self sufficiency and how communities that work towards food security have great opportunities to assist those neighbours that need extra support. Not only does growing and processing said food give materials for folks to live off of but it gives the chance to teach those interested in learning the skills to grow their own vegetables in urban areas. The West Kootenays are some of the luckiest folks to be surrounded by quality soil and very agreeable weather for gardening and small scale agriculture.

So how can we get garden space and farm land into the hands of people that want to grow their own food or build their own CSA without having to buy land themselves? There are programs likeĀ  B.C. Land Matching sponsored by Young Agrarians, Sharing Farm and Farm Credit Canada if you are at the point of looking for financing farm land. Otherwise there are lots of local farmers who offer apprenticeships where you can learn the basics and dive deeper into mentorship and agricultural experience without having to buy land.

If you want to learn basics of cooking, food preservation skills and basic gardening information, stay tuned here for some sweet video projects, recipes, cooking shows and ask an expert page dedicated to your questions and things you want to learn about!!








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  • Posted March 2, 2021 7:42 pm by Marlene Kutcher 0Likes

    I’m so proud of you and how awesome this business is presented here. You learned well my son. And you were not a little shit. Just actively wanting to learn everything about everything from a very young age. Never stop learning! Love you always. Mom

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