My journey with food started at a very young age. Serving friends food from aluminum pie plates made from a mix of dirt, gravel, water and grass was just the beginning of my journey as a food alchemist. I was always that kid that wanted to unravel every aspect of the universe and thought by asking endless questions I would end up satisfying my curiosity. Over 20 years of terrible food experiments, flavour abominations and nasty late night snacks later, not to mention the some what edible mistakes in culinary school and here I am teaching about food alchemy. There are so many great lessons I learned by using the wrong ingredients according to modern and traditional cooking to the point where i basically ignore the supposed rules and have developed my own way of cooking. I hope to share this style and help to assist in you creating your own methods to find that inherent cooking passions and talent that you have inside.

This page is being dedicated to the many years I have been making up recipes to share that will eventually end up in my cook books to come over the years. All you need is a love for food and an open mind to create your own interpretation of what good food means to you.