Fall in the Northern States and most of Canada is the time of year the majority of the above ground harvest is complete and a lot of areas have already experienced some frost. Tender crops like basil, tomatoes, squash and beans are done and its just the root veg and cannabis that needs to come in. Here in Canada we are lucky enough to be able to grow our allotted four weed plants along side our vegetable plots now. It’s amazing really how many people I see posting their hard work paying off this season with 9-13 footers of great Canadian ganja, we are so privileged. There are still so many people incarcerated and serving large sentences for non violent crimes like cannabis cultivation or distribution that should be freed, I hope one day our governments will do something about that but I am super cynical about my expectations for them to care about such things.

I Look forward to many future rants here and all over this website about  similar political topics, decolonization, food activism and land stewardship. But specifically in Ask an Expert I hope to help assist in answering all your questions food related, be it cultivation practices, pest management, culinary techniques, food politics, and so many more topics to come. Anyway I hope to share my Knowledge base here through answering questions you might have and look forward to creating great discussions.